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Providing Everything You Need For Your Tree Removal

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Tree Removal

 We are tree removal specialists. We are called in when your trees need to be removed for various reasons such as if they are dying and rotted, if you have been hit by a falling branch, or if squirrels have damaged the branches. We remove all types of trees like oaks, maples, and redwoods and more

Stump removal

 Our stump removal service is designed to get rid of those pesky and unsightly trees that block your view in the backyard.

 Don't let stumps get in the way of your dream home. Let us remove them for you!

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Crane Service

Tree Boss Tree Services of NJ provides Crane Service in NJ. Using our crane service to remove those big, dangerous looking tree branches is a safe way to get them out of your yard, but not the way you'd like. Contact us today for more information on how we can help with any issues you may have.

Tree Trimming

Beware of dead tree branches! These can cause harm to your home, business, or property. For the health of your tree, dead branches become nesting areas for insects and can cause disease in the tree. Our expert tree trimming in NJ can safely remove the branch from both the tree and your property, rejuvenating the appearance and health of the tree.

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Tree Pruning

Are you looking for a tree pruning service and don't know who to turn to? At Tree Boss Tree Services, our goal is to get the job done right and to your satisfaction. We have provided a tree pruning service for many years and will be more than happy to help you with your tree pruning needs.

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

  • Bucket truck available

  • Lot clearing

  • Storm damage work

  • Brush removal

  • Thinning and shaping

  • Tree removal

  • Stump removal

  • Crane Service

  • Crown reduction

  • Trimming

  • Pruning

  • And much more

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